New project!!!


Since I have two finishes under my belt, I figured it was time to start a new project.  This one has been on my mind for over two years.  I bought hand dyed from Vicky Welsh so now I’m cutting and sewing strip sets.   I will keep you posted on progress.   My goal is for an April completion…..later

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Welcome to 2011!!

I have been lost.    Not literally lost in the woods with no way out….I’ve been lost in life.  I for one an glad 2010 is over as we had many changes in our lives, some good and some not so good.    But on with 2011.

I usually don’t make resolutions but this year I am….not so much resolutions, but goals I want to accomplish.     Goal #1…..finish 12 UFO’s, so far I have 1 done and #2 is right behind it and it isn’t the end of Jan yet so I’m still on track….let’s hope it keeps up.

Goal #2…….to keep my closets clean.   I’m such a slacker, I just shove what ever I need to have out of sight in a closet and soon, they don’t hold anymore and I can’t find what I need to.   Yesterday was my first closet cleaning session and I got 3 1/2  of them done…..only 5 more to go and then the mission will be to keep them straightened and organzed…wish me luck as I’m going to need it.

One of the good things about 2010 was our acquiring our pet Izzy, shown laying on UFO #1.    She was the best thing to happen to us since the birth of my son 13 years ago.   She has been good therapy for all.

Short and sweet on the posts for 2011  and I promise more of them!!!

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Testing my phone post….n


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izzy ice cream.3GP

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Izzy Alert!!

This little sweetheart came to live with us last week.     We weren’t planning on getting another dog, but when I seen this little lady I just had to have her.

168 2

Needless to say, changes have been made, its just like having a newborn in the house again, I did forget how much time pups take, but we are adjusting and soon life will be normal again.

200 A much needed nap was taken…..not the pup needing the nap….but the babysitter!!   Do you see the plaid shirt the pupsitter is wearing,  he’s always in plaid with snaps, no buttons for him!!!

356 2 an extremely rare moment when I’m sitting, if I’m awake, I’m moving.

312 2 


This is how fast she moves!!

177 2

later…..da’ new mama

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basketball tournament


That’s my son with the ball!!!!

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Wonder Mutt

This is my main mutt……Scooby Doo…such on original name…001 …my son named him and as you can see from the picture his attention span for picture taking is zero.    He lives outside…..I refuse to have another dog in my home…….way to much work.    Anyway we adopted him from the pound……he was about an hour away from being put to sleep…….when he came to live with us, he was a very little dog with very long legs and tail.    He grew and grew to what we have today.     We aren’t exactly sure of his parentage…….we think black lab, with some great dane and greyhound.


Anyway Scooby is a hunter……he keeps the squirrel and rabbit population in check…..terrorizes the cats on a regular basis…..and scares away any nasty varmint that tries to claim our home as there’s.   


Anyway,      this is what I found in our yard this week…024 …we think it used to be a wild turkey……probably one that died over the winter….but when the snow melted he decided to make it lunch for himself….this was all that was left…….feathers… bones no  nothing.


He’s actually a very nice dog that is my son’s best buddy….I think we’ll keep him around.


And who else does he terrorize……Troubles…….the fat cat, I’ll save his story for another time!!



later……..Mrs.  Dog Adopter

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