August, week #1

I always plan my week on Sunday.    After mass I usually go thru my studio to see what needs to be done for the week.     I’m finally getting caught up in my schedule after being behind for months…..when your playing catch up trying to keep everyone happy…..afterawhile something has to give.    I’m now finally down to a reasonable lead time with my client quilts….so that makes me very happy.   This week on my plan is:

1) 3.5 client quilts……these are big quilts this week….the half is one that is on the machine now (110×110) with the same repeating pattern, needless to say, Monday will be a boring day!!!!   But perserverence will be the the good word for Monday.

2)   Put together the handout for my class in September.    I have all the notes made, just need to assemble them into order.   Finish putting a sample together…..I went and quilted the last inprocess sample, I didn’t think I’d be teaching this class again……so another work in process sample needed to be made.

3)  Load and start quilting one of my own quilts,  this will be a Saturday thing……if my week goes well.   I’m not quite caught up to where I can set aside a day during the week for me……but I can start having  Saturdays for myself.

This will be an easy week on the chef duties…..we’ll be starting harvest so that means I use the crockpot alot……life is so easy when I use that appliance…..and DH and son will be gone on long days, so no one here to mess the house…….Life is easier when harvest is here….for me atleast.


Happy Quilting,  Karen

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One Response to August, week #1

  1. Sandi says:

    Glad you are back!

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