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Witchy Witchy Screamy Screamy Happy Happy Halloweeny!!

A tradition at our home is pumpkin carving on Halloween.    So tonight we got the pumpkim out and carved away.    DH and I used to do it as the children watched…..but now they are old enough to do the dirty … Continue reading

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Some things I just don’t get!!!!

We all have our comfort foods……for most of us……it macaroni and cheese.    Judy  makes it for her son.     I make it as a side dish on a regular basis.       Tonight  I was blog surfing,  I don’t remember the sight but … Continue reading

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Where oh where does the time go and Judy made me do it!!!!

Judy made me do it!! I’m cooking a full meal today……Judy…..your a tough woman to keep up to!!!!   Anyway, here’s part of dinner tonight. Baked ham (a whole pig came to live in our deep freeze yesterday), with a pasta … Continue reading

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I need to Thump!!!!!

I usually don’t do the thumping thing…..I’m just not a complainer.    But today’s thump is somehting that’s been bothering me for alot of my quilting life.     I was machine quilting a quilt today that has a few issues….not bad, I’ve … Continue reading

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This and That………and a whole bunch more!!!

Oh where Oh where does the time go…………it seems like yesterday that school started and now a month later……lets just say September flew right by.    One of the reasons time flies by is my 11 year old boy….it seems like … Continue reading

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