This and That………and a whole bunch more!!!

Oh where Oh where does the time go…………it seems like yesterday that school started and now a month later……lets just say September flew right by.    One of the reasons time flies by is my 11 year old boy….it seems like I spent the whole month getting him from point a to point b……the great all american sport of football is in his life.  He enjoys playing the game and actually this year he has been quite good at it.  Here’s some action photos.

He’s number 32 in the red shirt.    Here they are playing inside a dome stadium on the campus of North Dakota State University.       One day in the fall the college lets the younger kids play inside.      It was fun to watch these kids playing inside this very large dome…..they looked very tiny out on the field. Here’s he’s playing running back…he has scored a few points this year which has made him very happy.    He really doesn’t like carrying the ball, he figured out early on….the one holding the ball is  the one who gets tackled!!!!     He’s toughened up alot!!



Life was about Phil today!!!

People come in and out of your life…..some you know for long periods of time and some for only a short time.    We met Phil about 3 years ago…….just a plain ordinary type guy.     He had lived in Detroit, Michigan all his life…….he worked the assembly lines in the auto industry, he was laid off three years ago and moved to my town to live with his half-brother.    He was able to find a job here and settled in nicely.    Phil loved the game of baseball……he was an expert…..a walking book of knowledge of who ever played the sport.       And he liked his beer……the great American past time….drinking beer while watching baseball.   Anyway we got to know him on baseball night when a group of us would gather at the local pub to watch the games……the most fun was when Detroit Tigers were playing the Minnesota Twins.

Phil didn’t have any close family……his wife divorced him alot of years ago and he didn’t get to see much of his son and Granddaughter.     He had some half-brothers and sisters that he didn’t get along with….a couple of them he hadn’t seen in 20 years……..     So his beer drinking baseball buddies were his family…..and we treated him the same…..he was part of our families.

In late August, he broke a rib……he said while he was coughing.    It wasn’t healing like it should and the doctors ran some tests that came back….cancer…..It was to far along to do anything for him.    He passed away last Sunday at age 51.     He probably had the cancer for awhile but had no symptoms.      Today was the wake.    So we all gathered today to say our good bye’s to our friend,  Phil.    We’ll always remember the way you touched our lives.


We’re harvesting!!!

This time soybeans, so back to the long days, for the next three weeks combining and about another 4 weeks after that getting the ground ready for next years crop.    It has been a strange year weather wise,  we were really dry for awhile and then we were swamped with rain.     Its supposed to rain again tomm and Monday…..we don’t need any more rain for the year…..but the weather will do what it wants to do.


And I still quilt!!!

Even with all the running around I’ve still managed to get quilting done.,,,,makes for long days trying to get caught up…..hopefully soon with the client quilts.    Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get some personal projects done….a couple of weddings quilts coming up for gifts.   I’ve started a new quilt for my bedroom….it will match the existing paint, carpet and window treatements.       I’ll post pictures soon.    I work with three quilt shops doing there samples……I really like doing samples cause you get to see the newest fabrics…..that’s the one thing I miss about working in a quilt shop…….seeing all the new fabrics that are out.      The fabrics I choose were from a sample I did for my favorite shop. 

I need a new quilt for our bed…..we got a new mattress last spring and the quilt we had on the old bed doesn’t fit the new…..high rise mattresses!!!!    I have to make a king size quilt so it will fit on my queen sized bed.    I hope to have it done by mid November……DH will be gone deer hunting so he’ll come home to a new bedroom…..I really like it when my DH goes away for a week…..that’s when new stuff manages to make it find its way into our home!!!!    Actually I like to play with his mind…and see how long it takes him to notice what the new things are!!!


There could be more….but its time to check out for the night.


God Bless,      Karen

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