I need to Thump!!!!!

I usually don’t do the thumping thing…..I’m just not a complainer.    But today’s thump is somehting that’s been bothering me for alot of my quilting life.     I was machine quilting a quilt today that has a few issues….not bad, I’ve had worse.      But the piecer did a great job…..except she followed the directions as written on the pattern.         So today is a thump…….pattern designers….. some just write the directions for the easiest accomplishmnet of the task.    To get the quilt right,    we’re told to cut accurately, sew with a perfect quarter inch seam……and then it comes to “bunny ear alignment”…..you know, where your supposed to line up the piece leaving equal amount of bunny ear on each side!!!!     Do everything else accurately…..but take a guess at getting those bunny ears equal…..hey designers…..add a template having those ears cut off…..or tell about a ruler that will get rid of the bunny ear when cutting.    Most quilters follow the directions exactly so if you tell them to guess….that’s what we’re going to do.


Now I’m not totally blaming the pattern designer, the piecer should also take some responsibility…..don’t guess….get your marking device out and mark where that seam is supposed to be, it only takes a few seconds to mark each piece.   Time well spent to get it perfect.



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