Where oh where does the time go and Judy made me do it!!!!

Judy made me do it!!

I’m cooking a full meal today……Judy…..your a tough woman to keep up to!!!!   Anyway, here’s part of dinner tonight.

Baked ham (a whole pig came to live in our deep freeze yesterday), with a pasta salad, cooked carrots and for dessert….  Apple Crisp (apples from our trees).   I generally don’t like to talk about cooking as I’m not a fan of doing it, and I have a tendancy to burn things, don’t ask how many kettles and pans I have recked over the years.    But sometimes the natives here get restless and want to have sit down meal.   Everyone is here tonight so a family gathering we will have.    

Yum is all I can say about the apple crisp!!!!


Where does the time go!!!!

I have no extra time!!!!   Between a full work schedule (quilting for others),  helping DH on the farm (I’m the grain cart girl) and my son’s football practice and games………I’m left with just occasional small amounts of time.    The house is a diaster from lack of cleaning…..piecing time is nonexistent……meals get eaten in shifts whenever the person has time.      I hate having to function like this…..I want a normal life……that’s why I like wintertime so much….DH doesn’t have long hours farming…..I have no outside work to do…..don’t mention lawn mowing at our home, I want my grass to be brown!!!!    So for about another month, I’ll have a diaster life.


Yes I do quilt……I want to make a new tree skirt for our main floor tree.     I have the pattern and fabric here to start and hopefully when DH and DS are gone for deer hunting……I’m going to spend my free time piecing a new tree skirt and I’m going to get it quilted!!!!!  Yup, one of mine  will be on the machine.    The last thing of my own I got quilted was a class sample from 14 months ago…..its about time I did something for myself.


Something I’ve been working on since the first of the year is……..cutting back on client quilts.    I want to get back to parttime which was my plan when I started but business has been great for me.    I have a list of select people I’m going to quilt for……..my plan, quilt for others for two weeks a month and the other two weeks per month are for me!!!    I’ve been working towards this goal all year and by the first of the year I should be able to start this plan.  When you get behind, it takes along time to get caught up.


Wild life!!!!

I live in the country…..not far out of town…..I think it less than two miles to the grocery store.  Anyway, we have deer, ducks, geese, rabbits and other assortments of animals.   


Turkeys have been reintroduced into our area.  Here’s a couple of mama’s with there babies.     It’s really late in the season for these to be this small, 16 in total.   I hope they make the winter…..but we’ll feed them if it gets to be a bad winter.  We won’t be having fresh turkey for thanksgiving…..as you need a license to hunt them and the hunting season on them was in September.




Later,     Karen

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One Response to Where oh where does the time go and Judy made me do it!!!!

  1. laurie says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hadn’t thought about stockpiling the meals but I think it an excellent idea. I’ll put it on my list… I think I’ll do more crockpotting than I have in the past.

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