Some things I just don’t get!!!!

We all have our comfort foods……for most of us……it macaroni and cheese.    Judy  makes it for her son.     I make it as a side dish on a regular basis.       Tonight  I was blog surfing,  I don’t remember the sight but they went to a resturant and ordered….get this…..Fried Macaroni and Cheese….   This is the part I don’t get….why go out to a resturant and eat macaroni and cheese.     We don’t eat out often……but when we do go out…….I want something abit more classier that mac and cheese.     Give me a good steak or chicken alfredo…..but don’t make me eat mac and cheese!!!!      I guess I just live to simple of life to appreciate the finer things.

Later,     Karen

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One Response to Some things I just don’t get!!!!

  1. Judy L. says:

    I know people who only make the boxed mac & cheese at home and when they get the real stuff, they think it’s wonderful. Why they don’t make it at home, I’ll never know. Like you, I always want to get things that I don’t make at home and about the only things I don’t make are things that are too hard or things I can’t get . . like fresh tuna!

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