Getting ready for 2009, time for a change.

How soon do you start planning for the new year???    Years ago before business, I didn’t need to have an offical plan….my plan then was the change in sesaons.      Now there is the family calender and the business calender,  I can’t put them on the same as there isn’t enough room, but also now the children are older and they have things going on.   Sometimes I do wish for the more layed back times I used to have.


I have made some changes already, those started at the beginning of 2008.    I decided to no longer accept new clients.   I started out this year with way to many quilts here that belong to other people waiting for there turn on the machine.   I decided that I didn’t need to be out that far… now I have my prefered client list……my goal is to be at 2-3 months booked…..I’m making head way, I’m down to about 4 months out… you know it takes awhile to get caught up….I should be down to 2 months by the end of the year.


The reason for this change……I want to do some of my own quilts and not feel guilty!!!    My goal for 2009 and beyond is to do one of my quilts a month.   The last quilt of my own that got done was 15 months ago.    I have a couple of wedding gifts in 2009….tops done, quilting not….so I should have abit more leway in the schedule which mays me very happy.


Other changes……..I’ve started a formal exercise arrangement…..I used to exercise before my last child was born, eleven years ago.    At the time my DD was 9 and she had functions going on, with a new baby….formal exercising was given up.    I still did get some exercise……pushing the stroller, walking around the home keeping to to a toddler (I wore a pedometer for a week and I was averging 6-7000 steps a day) just following that little on-the-move-child.    And then came the business, so exercising was left on the back burner waiting until I could get more time……..well….now I’m just going to make the time…..


My big change for 2009….one of the children will be running moving away from home.    Sometimes I’m really sad about that…..on laundry day, I’m not sad……but things will be different around here.    The balance of power will shift to the male side.     When there was 2 male and 2 female, things were kept balanced very nicely……..but with me being the only female with 2 males, it will be different……I guess I may have to run away from home occasionally and leave the boys fend for themselves.


I have one more goal for 2008 to accomplish……..Finishing unpacking!!!!……I moved into my home three years ago….I’m still not all the way unpacked.    I started working on this in June, every available Sat and Sun I had, I’ve been going thru the closets that just had boxes piled into them to wait for the time for me to get to them.    I only have 2 closets left, I’ve started with 10, so I’m making progress.     But then there is my son’s closet…..that one is the worst, about 20 boxes in there, that may take several Saturdays to handle that one.

So for now,  my life will be measured in goals……one baby step at a time.    Hopefully by getting my life in order, some things will just naturally fall into place.

Later,    Karen

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