Timbucktoo, USA

I’ve lived in the same area I grew up in.   When I married, I moved 8 miles to my DH’s home.     He hasn’t left the farm…..lived here all his life.     Where will our final resting place be…..about a quarter mile up the road.  Needless to say, we have lived a very sheltered life…..everything we need is right here in our own little paradise……we don’t take big splashy vacations or live an extravagant life style.     Now keep in mind….its not that far for us to go to town……just 2 miles up the road passing the cemetery on the way. I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.


Today we elect a new president……everyone gets to vote if they choose to…..I choose to vote because its my vote that will make the difference in this election.     Since I live in the country…..our governing board in a township…….all of us country people are like that……I think there is something like 250 registered voters and no one in this township has to drive more than 4 miles to the official offices of the township.


Here’s the official polling place……nothing more than a 15-20 foot building.    All the voting takes place here along with all the official meetings of the township.     Inside we find 4 very laid back election workers……just for the record the election worker in the easy chair is my DH….talk about a  tough day at the office.    We have no long lines to vote, if it takes you more than 5 minutes….that means you were wasting your time talking to the election workers about there families or how the field work was coming along.   Even though our facilities don’t look like it…..we are very modern and up-to-date……no more stuffing the ballots in a box like was done years ago…..we have an offical voting machine that you feed your ballot into and is automatically counted,  I was number 19 to vote.      I think that machine is worth more than the whole building it sits in.


Are you wondering what that little building on the left is???????    Why that’s the official facilities…..one hole for the males on the left and one hole for the females on the right……………see I told you I lived in Timbucktoo.


Get out to vote….every one of them counts.


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6 Responses to Timbucktoo, USA

  1. Judy L. says:

    Our facilities are a little more “up town” as we vote at the Methodist Church. My grandma’s little community still votes in a building very similar to yours. She’s passed on now but I remember that she was always a poll worker too. Thanks for sharing. It’s very nice to know places like your area still exist. That’s where I want to live!

  2. Jan says:

    It looks and sounds like a slice of heaven!!! Love the new blog look!! And great news in your last post about slowing things down to a good pace!!! Good for you!!!

  3. Sue H says:

    I also enjoyed the tour of your voting facilities. It’s too easy to assume everybody’s experiences are the same, and it was fun to go back to a simpler, more laid-back time. I also love the new look to your blog. Very nice and kind of “organic” looking.

  4. Amanda says:

    I love this post! It reminds me of the little “timbucktoo” town my grand parents lived in. Their large city was an hour away, but everything they needed was right their in their little 3 street town.

    I’m glad our votes do count. That means so much to me.

  5. Heather says:

    OH.MY.GOODNESS! I love it! I love the laid back feel! I am not so sure I like the “facilities”, but I do love the voting hall! 🙂

    Thanks for the pictorial of your towns voting process.

  6. Timbuktu is the perfect place to live. I vote at the local township pole building up the road a piece. I have to drive 17 miles to see a stop light and I have to drive i.5 hours to get fabrics like the turquoise and browns from your recent post. It is heaven on earth!

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