I thought things would be quiet this weekend!!

My oldest in on her annual weekend away with her friends to Minneapolis shopping.    We have been doing this since she was 14.    I’m glad that she is older now, cause I don’t have to go along.   I don’t mind the shopping part, but I don’t drive well in large cities.    The nearest interstate  highway to me is 10 miles away, the town I leve near has a 4 way stop in the downtown area, we aren’t even big enough to have a trafic light, but I love it here, life is very laid back.  So I thought the house would be quiet this weekend with just DH, the 11 year old boy and myself.     I’m sure (ok I’m hoping) the boys will find something to occupy themselves with tomm.    But tonight, the 11 year old boy is having 2 friends out, orginally they were supposed to be going to someone else’s house….but at the last minute they decided my house would be  better.  So here’s the boys:

pb070076My son is the one on the right.  Friends don’t get any better than the ones you have when your 11, and no the snake is not real.      And please don’t look at the mess the family room is in….tomm is cleaning day and I’m sure before the boys go home tomm it will be worse.   So my nice quiet evening with just Dh and I isn’t going to happen.





So while these boys have been destroying playing at my home…..I decided to make more jam.

pb070075Now we have two apple trees on our farm and I’ve been doing apple things for about 6 weeks and it got to the point I just picked the rest of the apples and took them out back for the wildlife to eat…..we had a very bountiful crop this year.     But then everyone had a very good crop, so someone asked my DH if we needed apples……and of course he took them…..so I made more jam.   I still have another bucket left….I think they will become deer food.   I asked why he brought them home seeing how we have trees here and he’s been watching me peel apple after apple…….his response was “They looked to good to pass up”…gota love him……….most days.


Did you know I’m a quilter……  I started a new project!!!

Life has been sorta busy lately….. but I was delivering quilts a couple of weeks ago and I found these fabrics.

pb070077Brown and Aqua have always been favorite colors of mine……I’m glad to see them back in style again.      I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them, have a couple of ideas I might mess around with.   With the state of the economy….I gota keep those quilt shops going.  I’ll keep posted on the progress.





I gota go………..there’s a beach ball in the house that needs to be popped!!!!    Boys…..you gotta love them.

Later,    Karen

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2 Responses to I thought things would be quiet this weekend!!

  1. Jan says:

    Those fabrics are gorgeous!!! And the apple jam looks delicious!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great weekend even if it is more energetic than you originally planned!!! 😀

  2. Sue H says:

    Brown and aqua is also a favorite of mine! Those fabrics are yummy. DD should have good driving/riding this weekend. Roads are good and dry, but it’s cold! Brrr.

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