Word for the day—–Bank.

Now we’re not going to talk about all the financial diasters going on with the large….extremely large…..banks in our country.     We have basically two banks that we deal with……they are regional, locally owned banks…. there are considered small in comparison to the banks that we hear about daily in the news that need to be bailed out by the Federal government with our hard earned tax dollars.

Bank #1

Anyway,    my daughter works for one of the locally owned banks.   Here she is all dressed for work.    This bank doesn’t have a uniform…….but they do have a dress code.     Jackets are required….for men and woman alike.    The orginal dress for success is alive and well at this bank.     Because of this requirement, as a fringe benefit, the employees get a clothing allowance……so they have no reason for not dressing appropiately.

amanda1Now she is 19 years old and its so hard for her to find clothes that fit the qualifications of the dress code and still fit her age group…….she don’t want any “old lady” clothes.    Most 19 year olds don’t need dress clothes appropiate for the work enviroment…..the designers are abit lacking in this age group.    So trying to make a fashion statement is tough….she does good though.  Sometimes she just has to limit the fashions statements to the areas that the public doesn’t see…………



    The socks!!!!!


She’s doing a very good job being a young adult in the professional world.    I know that sometimes she would just like to be a fun loving college student….but she also knows that a job in sometimes necessary.    We’re trying to get her college education without any student loans.    Everyone is doing there part to contribute to the “educate Amanda fund”.      And we should make it working together.


Bank #2

This bank we doing our business finances with, another regionally owned (80% by the employees).    I like the way this bank operates….they know your name when you come in,   if there is something you need you just ask with usually no extra fee involved for doing it.    Anyway, tonight they had  “customer appreciation days”.   This event was just for the farmers that obtain there financial backing there…..We had social hour with entertainment and topped off my a steak and chicken (yes both on the plate) with potatoe, vegetable and salad.     It was a very enjoyable evening socializing with the other farmers in the area.     It’s so nice in this day and age that banks still do business this way…….I like it when I’m treated like a person…….


Just another reason why I like living in Timbucktoo!!    Easy to vote, easy to bank.


later,     Karen

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