41 Years!!!!

People come into our lives……some stay long peroids of time, some just for a short time.    I’ve had friendships that have ended badly and some just ended for no reason at all, some are just there….you may not see them more than a couple times a year.      Which brings me to the Rover Boys.     When they first met, they were all in jr high school about 12 years old, in 7th grade.   There are all farm boys, they went to three different schools for the first part of their education…..but come 7th grade, they all attended the same JR high……they met….and have been friends ever since. 


They were 4 boys trying to find there way in the world, discover who they were.    They  managed to grow up and become businessmen, get married, have children…..all the things we strive for out of life.   They all married local gals, there children attended the same school they graduated from……we all attend the same church…..this is the orginal “some things never change”.     One of the rover boys is my DH (I’m going to have to find a name for him other than DH as that is getting to be boring).    We attended a wedding last Saturday……..one of the children got married…..over the next 6 month two more of the children are getting married……..      So the boys were together again celebrating, there older now so they don’t party like they used to but those friendship bonds established so many years ago are still there.    Here’s to the boys




So they have changed alot in the last 41 years…….a few more pounds…..a little less hair…….but the values that bonded them so many years ago is still there.


Later,      Karen

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One Response to 41 Years!!!!

  1. how lucky to have such good friends!

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