Are you doing anything different????

The economy is on everyone’s mind.     In the last years were have seen gas prices spike to record highs (when my tank was just about empty, it cost me $112 to fill up this gas guzzler I have), which has driven up the cost of food and other basic necessities.     Some have lost jobs or worry about losing there job or have to take a cut in pay to keep there job.


So are you doing anything different???   Are you cutting back where possible???  Tightening the belt??  Putting off purchases until necessary??      I have always lived a very simple life…….  I have everything I need….I have nice things…..I just don’t have alot of them.  


  My auto is 9 years old, its a gas guzzzler, but it paid for,  license is cheap, insurance is cheap.  We thought about getting something different when the prices  of gas were high, but when we factored in all the additional costs of the payment, increased insurance…..we found it was less cash outlay to just use this gas guzzler….its not energy effeceint….but sometimes its not about conserving energy!!!

How do I live cheaply!!!!

Shoes… only wear one pair at a time…..   I own 7 pairs of shoes (I’m not counting the pair I bought last week that I’m going to take back cause I just don’t like them)…..I’ve never understood the reasoning behind owning 30 or more pair of shoes……..usually your pants cover them anyway……..some things I just won’t understand.        PS….I feel the same way about clothes…….you only wear one outfit at a time…… many pair of jeans do I own……….I won’t tell you cause you won’t believe it.

We eat most of our meals at home,  I cook a meal everyday and have leftovers for lunch.     I’ve never been a fan of eating out…….at home I prepare things the way we like them, at a resturant your meal is prepared how the chef likes it.


I use things until they are completly wore out, my old clothes aren’t good enough to take to the Salvation Army cause they are wore out.   I use my appliances until they no longer work then I’ll buy a new one.  I had a hair dryer once that would work for about 5-6 minutes and then it would just shut off…..I used it for about 3 years that way, until one day it wouldn’t turn on……that’s when I replaced it.

What this all boils down to…….I’m concerned about what our future is going to hold for us….my family should be ok unless the prices of the grain commidites go completely in the toilet……but part of why we will be fine is we live cheaply.   Some of my friends may not be so lucky,   some have lost or may lose there jobs… you have households that are used to two incomes that are now living on one income…..they have to make changes in their lifestyle.        I basicly have very few places to cut our living expenses because we already live cheaply….so I’ll cut the heat a couple of degrees and throw on another layer of clothes…..I have started to be more economical in small ways……shorter showers, shut off the lights, combine errands to make less trips to town……maybe these little things will be enough to make a difference.


Later,     Karen

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One Response to Are you doing anything different????

  1. Lori says:

    I’m with you.

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