Where or where does the time go!!!!

This week was supposed to be a “chain yourself to the longarm” week.   Hubster (DH) and the boy were to be gone for the week deer hunting, so it was just the girl and I home here alone!!!   When this happens, it means we eat out and no laundry and the home stays relatively clean.    So the first three days, I got 4 quilts machine quilted……when you can work long days you can get alot done.      But then the weather turns cold, like single digits for the nighttime lows.   Normally we wouldn’t want cold weather yet….but this is no normal year…….we still have crop in the field to harvest……so with the weather being really cold, Hubster and the boy came home early from deer camp to finish the harvest.


Normally we are done harvesting about the 15th of October…….not this year……it started raining the last week of Sept and it finally quit raining about Nov 6……all total we recieved about 11-12 inches of rain during that time.    So needless to say the fields were nothing but mud, mud and more mud.    So harvest was postponed until the ground was frozen.     On Thursday, we had 750 acres to harvest and as of tonight we have about 220 acres left.      We have every truck on the farm full of wet soybeans and no elevator to take them cause they are full of wet soybeans also.     So tomm we will decide what to do with all the wet soybeans……we could store them…but wet beans don’t keep very long……so now we need to scout out the elevators trying to find a home for the wet crop.    A wet crop is better than no crop!!!!

Quilt of the week!!!

Sometimes we have no control over the quilts we do for other people…….some quilts I will turn down because they just are more trouble than they are worth….I couldn’t turn this one down because my 78 year old Aunt Ila did this quilt.      So what’s the big deal…..this quilt was 4 inch squares (not a problem)…. this quilt was big (not a problem)……this quilt had pressed open seams (not a problem)……………this quilt was made out of fabrics that should be used for window treatments (this is a problem), besides the fabrics being thick and most of them don’t like the needle (this is a problem)……the fabric was heavy….some of the sqaures were set on point (this is a problem for keeping the bias in check)……..and Auntie wanted the edge to to uneven with a folded on the edge to finish it (not a problem).        So I did the best I could….actually it turned out very nice….I did CC on all the squares so that made all the seams meeting lay down and behave themselves very nicely.


So here’s a picture of this beauty with the window treatment fabrics.    I couldn’t do the outer row all the way around the quilt…….I get to get it back after she does the edge finish.      Did you notice that red piping all the way around……yup…… a corded, 1/4 inch thick piping all the way around…..there was no way I could get close to that with my foot.     So auntie is going to edge stitch right up next to it on her home machine.  Considering all the issues with the fabrics and cording…..the quilt fits on a bed nicely….exactly what Auntie had in mind when she created it.

Actually, Auntie Ila…..is an artist……..a batik artist…..she does amazing pictures using the batik method with the wax and procion dyes…..and now she has taken up wood carving to use in the batiking process.   She has quilted for along time……when she was in college getting her masters degree in clothing and textiles in the 1950’s……she did a quilt that had raw edge applique, now that would be nothing special today, but in the 1950’s the technique was unacceptable…..you had to do everything by hand with a turned under edge……………If she would have written a book back then with this technique, she would have been considered a pioneer in the quilting industry……but she was too busy raising her family.   And now that method with raw edge and scribble technique on the edge (the modern day zig-zag machine hadn’t been invented yet) is more than acceptable…..She was a woman ahead of her time!!!!


Later,    Karen

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2 Responses to Where or where does the time go!!!!

  1. Jan says:

    I am VERY sorry to hear about the wet soy beans!! I hope you find an elevator!!! I really like that quilt. I always have wondered if long term, quilts with the seams pressed open beard out the batting faster or not. That one turned out great!

    Jan, This quilt will be drycleaned because of the fabrics…..so whether the batting (wool) will beard is anybody’s guess…..I’m not going to worry about it. If the seams wouldn’t have been pressed open it would have been a bugger to quilt as there just would be to much fabric. And yes I think it turned out great considering the issues.

  2. Lori says:

    wet beans out of the field are much better than wet beans IN the field!!

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