We’re done!!!!!

Harvesting…..it was a very long season for us, but now it can be counted as production……we lucked out with the weather………getting cold and no more rain/snow.     We’re going to take a few days off now for the holiday and next week start cleaning up the equipment and get it stored for the winter.     DH has had some very long days…..starting about 4:30 in the morning…….it was so cold here we had to get the portable generators going so we could plug-in the combines and tractors so they would start.    We haven’t had to do this before….but it worked.     Just a few loose ends to clean up……we have seven trucks loaded with grain that need to be dumped at the elevator when they have storage room available, which might be a couple of weeks.    It will be good getting back to a normal life!!!



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One Response to We’re done!!!!!

  1. Jan says:

    I get excited about one tomato plant… I can not imagine the work involved in 7 trucks of grain… not to mention all your other harvest. Have a good rest and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Jan, the work isn’t too hard, plenty of machines here to take care of the harvest. I think this year, we delivered about 126 loads of commidities. I get way more excited watching our garden grow, sometimes the little things mean way more…..Karen

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