UFO busting—–DWR

If I had my dream quilt to piece….it would be the double wedding ring!!!  At one time I thought in my lifetime this would  happen…….so far I’ve haven’t been able to live up to that thought.    So when I was in the process of purchasing my machine 6 years ago…..I bought a couple of junk tops from ebay to practice…..anyway there were these two double wedding ring quilts…..no one was bidding on them so I purchased them.    

pb290094This is DWR #1, apx size is 100 by 110…..king size.   I was going to practice on this one…..what was I thinking……only now after 6 years I feel confident enough to tackle these quilts.   When I recieved them in the mail….did I get the surprize of my life.    Not only was it alot larger than I expected….what was the surprize…the size of the pieces.    Most DWR’s that I’ve seen the arc pieces are apx 2 inches…..on these lovely quilts the arcs are about 1 inch……I’ve never seen a DWR made with the pieces this small.pb290095…..you can see

I’ve laid a quarter on the of the arcs.    This quilt is pieced very nicely…it looks like it isn’t on the picture…but is actually lays flat……it needs a pressing again but I’m not going to do that until its time to go on the machine.

What a treasure I have in these quilts…..Some granddaughter in West Virginia was selling these…..her Grandmother made them and when they were going thru her things they found them…no one in the family wanted them so they sold them on ebay……..I can’t believe they did that…..some just don’t have the appreciation for such a work of art.       But at least they didn’t throw them in the trash.   So these two beauties came to live at my home, each waiting for there turn on the “big girls toy”….aka my long arm machine.

DWR #2 with green centers.    This one is 82 by 96…..such treasures I have here.   Please excuse my


photography skills…..some day I’ll learn how to take pictures.     One of these will get quilted in 2009!!   The other one, I might wait until I get my IQ…….hopefully I will be able to add that feature at the end of 2009 (a Merry Christmas to me!!).



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4 Responses to UFO busting—–DWR

  1. Jan says:

    Oh those are both gorgeous!!!!! When you said UFO I was thinking things not even finished peiced. I can’t wait to see how you quilt those!!

    Jan, Quilts don’t come off my UFO list until its completely done!!!! I just can’t believe the family didn’t want these beauties.

  2. Linda Stolee says:

    What a phenomenal score. I’m so glad you got them cause you obviously appreciate them! I’m a little worried about the two dwr I have in my ufo pile–but my kids would never give them away–would they? Hmmmmmm.
    Lurking Linda

    Linda, I can only comment on my children…..they already have there names on the quilts they want….even the boy, who is all male in his thinking, has his favorite quilts. I think on these DWR…. I’m going to line my casket with them. Karen

  3. Chris says:

    What a smart idea. I have always wanted to make one of my own too but this project has always seemed so daunting. I love the varied fabric in the tops. Your guests will have a lot of exploring to do once the top is on the bed.

    Chris…..when these came up for bidding, I thought to myself, “why buy when I can make one”…..but towards the end of the auction, I realized these were too priceless to pass up…..they needed to come to a good home who would appreciate them……the number of different fabrics is priceless….and the number of pieces and such little pieces………and I forget to mention……Its hand-pieced. Karen

  4. Diana Wilson says:

    I bought three DWR quilts to practice on from Ebay before I got my long arm. I still haven’t attempted one yet. I agree, 2009 will be the first. Good luck!
    I like to believe Diana that I have been practicing for the last 6 years so I could do these quilts justice. Treasures like these need to have the best quilting that we can provide for them. Good luck with your DWR’s. Karen

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