Our first Clipper of the season!!!!

Its finally wintertime here….that means snow….I love snow…..the lawn was brown anyway so it might as well be covered with a fresh blanket of snow.      And of course tonight we are having abit of wind with the snow…..typical Alberta clipper passing thru the area.

Boy is this a awful picture….but you can see a taste of winter in Minnesota….that red blip in the center is our flag…..up its blowing in the wind out of the northwest……..pc050102

I’m sure it will be all clear in the morning with the sun shinning……these storms are fast and don’t last long, but leave abit of snow and chilly tempurature.


Quilting area!!!!

I’ve had a busy week…..did 6 quilts….mostly panto’s so they go fast and I don’t have to think to much while doing them…….I might just get used to this easy work that panto’s provide…..that would definately make my life easier if I didn’t have to think so much.     Next week is just as busy and my clients want to give quilts as presents for there loved ones.    Then a few weeks off from longarming to enjoy the holiday season……(I’ve updated my Christmas 2008 page with some new photo’s of the season at my home)…..


My historic birthday was this year!!!!

Ok…..50 ain’t that bad…..I’m used to it now……I found out life goes on no matter what age you are…….so to let everyone know,  I made a red and purple purse……..now I’m not into that “Red Hat”  thing…….some of those women  are truely nuts…….but I just did a small part.




He finally goes to jail!!!!!

Its about time…..OJ will be behind bars….should have been there years ago.     Someday I’ll tell you the story of my sisters meeting with him!!!!    All I need to say……she wasn’t impressed!!!!


There’s an extra male in the home tonight (DS’s friend) and I need to go settle something.



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