Why do I quilt!!!!




Judy L at Patchwork Times wrote a post about why she loves quilting.      So why do I like to quilt……..it started out as something to do.       In my other life as an employee of my DH, I  was the person who had to sit by the  business band radio waiting for something to go wrong and I would have to lend a hand……I still do this…..only now I do custom quilting for a living…….but at the drop of a hat I may need to stop doing a quilt and lend a hand to the DH.      


I have always sewed……starting about age 11-12……and clothes was all I did for a number of years, then about 25 years ago…..with a closet full of clothes…….I started quilting…….for me its not always about what I’m working on……its the feel of having fabric run thru my hands……so soft and soothing.       If you think way back to when you were born, your first touch was with your mothers skin…..but you second feeling was with a piece of fabric……they wrapped you in that warm cotton cloth!!!!    How calming that feeling must have been, you in a brave new world and that cotton cloth wrapped around your naked body.       I still feel this way……when I’m stressed…..I go fondle some fabric and the stress just lifts from my body.


So for me what has started out as something to do…..has turned into a life long passion…..producing income.      Will I do this forever……probably……if I stuck with quilting for this long (25 years)…..I think its in my blood.        Just as dirt (love of the land) is in the viens of my DH…..I have the love of the fabric in mine.


Time to quilt!!!!



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One Response to Why do I quilt!!!!

  1. Sue H says:

    I agree with you, it does get in your blood! Quilting seems to be the perfect “marriage” of working with fabric, being creative and productive, and being able to enjoy what you’re doing.

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