Christmas is coming!!!!

Every year I tell myself I’m going to be ready for Christmas sooner than I was last year…..this year I’m finally getting that goal met.      Only about 5 days to have to get done quilts…..feels good not to be extremely rushed.    I took about 3 hours off this afternoon and did some sewing for me.


So I made the Christmas tree napkin that I’ve seen around the web…….all 4 took abit over an hour to do……fast fast fast and they look so nice.      Even though its only the 8th of December we have our tree up…..its not decorated as we have to leave it open up before decorating but its in its happy little home…..and it smells so good.



Yup……..beginning to look alot like Christmas.



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2 Responses to Christmas is coming!!!!

  1. Sue H says:

    I have the pattern for those napkins, but have yet to make them. On my “list”. Yours are really cute! And your tree, I can almost smell it from here. It’s beautiful.

    thanks Sue…we always do a real tree…..Dh likes them so much better. I just sorta made up a pattern for the napkins, I kept them in circles and abit smaller and folded four times instead of three…..Plus they go so fast, about 15 minutes each. Karen

  2. Judy L. says:

    I love those napkins and haven’t been able to find the pattern. They’re so cute!

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