As I look our my window……

What do I see….. ………………..PC140133

A good old Minnesota blizzard.    This cute little storm started last Saturday during the night and lasted thru late Sunday.     We recieved about 10 inches of snow…..we not sure though as it blew around so much from all the wind.     I just love winter in Minnesota…….this fresh blanket of snow has covered up all the dead ugly brown grass…..sometimes snow is a good thing.

On Monday we woke up to clear skies and bitter cold temperatures.  My beloved son who always listens to his ever faithful Mother thought it would be a good idea to go snowmobiling in all this fresh snow.    Even though I told him to wear the full face helmet…..of course being the wise old age of 11…….what possibility could a mother know, so he wore the helmet of his choosing, which resulted in some very very rosey colored cheeks when he finally decided to come in from the cold.

PC150135 Its not all that bad……just abit of “frost nip”……not as bad as frost bite…but darn close.     He went sledding again today and he listened to his Mother’s harping and wore the full face helmet!!!   Lesson learned.


Usually during blizzards, I pull out a quilt project and sit and sew the day away.    I had good intentions, really I did, but I just couldn’t decide what project to work on…..I do have a tree skirt in progress for my main floor tree…..but I figured it would take to long and I wouldn’t get it done in time for Christmas….so what did do..



PC170138 I got this whole table runner done……it used to be in a the old days I could get a quilt top done….but I’ve slowed down alot in how fast I can quilt…..mostly its making up my mind what I’m going to do….I think it took 3 hours to make the decision.




Just so you don’t think it took me all day to do this lovely table runner…..we did decorate the tree…….we were watching the football game at the time so it did take longer to decorate between with all the touchdowns being scored. Boy I think PC170139 there is something wrong with my camera…..I can’t be that bad at taking pictures…..must be the lights of the tree screwing with the flash…yup sounds good to me.










Its Holiday time!!!!

Well just about anyway……I finished my Christmas rush early this year…..after 6 years I finally have the scheduling thing worked out.     For the rest of the week I’m going to finish a couple of quilts that don’t need to be done until January……just trying to get a head start on next year.     For the next two weeks I’m going to be working on my quilts, I already have the backings pressed and ready to go.    I’ll post here when I get them done……I’m so looking forward to having bindings to sew on.




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