I’m on VACATION!!!!

I’ve been waiting all year for the last two weeks of December…..It’s when I take time off and just do stuff I want to do…ok, I still do the domestic stuff, and take care of the kids and hubby……but my business is closed until after the first of the new year!!!!

So what did I do today………….I machine quilted……….just like I do everyday……only today it was one of my quilts that I own!!!!   

PC180153   This is a quilt that I made for my DD about 5 years ago……its not my oldest UFO, I’ll get to that one later.     I just did a panto called Sprung……..boy I like that one as it goes very very fast!!   My DD will be surprised when she get home…….I don’t have it all done….I still have to hand-sew the binding but that will be a nighttime project.   This is an accessory quilt as she has a bigger one on her bed and I used the left overs to make this smaller one to snuggle with.   Tommorrow another one of mine is going on.


This is not an actual picture of my top…..this is a sample I quilted for a shop and it looked so nice on my bed that I decided to make one for my bedroom.    I’ll post pictures of mine when its completed.

More Snow on the way!!!

I live in the great state of Minnesota…….that means we always have a white Christmas…..sometimes more whiter than I would like.    But this weekend we are expecting another storm.    I think its already hitting the west coast and we know that those westerners like to share everything with the rest of the country.   So for this weekend we are expecting another 8-10 inches.    We’ll just pile it a little higher.    I’m sure I’ll be ready for Spring to come in about Feburary!!


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One Response to I’m on VACATION!!!!

  1. Chris says:

    Enjoy your time off! Happy Holidays and safe journeys1

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