Where’s the camera!!!!

You know……….somethings should just have long strings attached to them so I can just wear them around my neck…….that’s about the only way I can keep track of some things……so the camera has been missing in action for several days.    The last time I lost my cell phone…..all I had to do was call it and it magically showed up….follow the ring and you find it.    I can’t call my camera…..darn darn darn!!!      I’m sure it will show up sooner or later.



I hope all of you had a good Christmas…..mine was good.    We had eve here with my DH’s family, eve is easy at our home as its oyster stew for the brave and the rest of us have long spagetti….cleans up fast and off we mass we went and home again to open presents.    Santa was good to me…….a mini ipod and snow boots from my daughter.    The DH and son took the easy way out…..gift cards……..my DD and I are going to swap some of our cards as I got one to a store she likes to shop at and I’m going to take one of hers for a store I like to shop at….see everyone is happy.    DH also brought me fresh flowers………red roses and lilies…….they smell so good.       On Christmas day…..my older sister had us to her home….she is a great cook, not like me who burns things on a regular basis……….everything was good and a fun time was had by all.

Sleet today!!

We are currently having freezing rain here…….the roads have a nice coat of ice on them…….its not enough so it coating the trees yet but if it keeps up all night it could be a mess in the morning.    We”l keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t get any worse.   Tempurature is right at 32 degrees.


The boys are back!!!

My DS is 11 years old……..and a social butterfly…..so there are always extra boys here.   Now I’m not used to how much these little mosters eat…….when they get done with a meal, there is nothing left.     I’m glad they are here only a couple of times a week otherwise I’d have to increase my grocery budget.     They like coming to our home, we have toys that boys like to play with………I’m talking things with motors….this fall they were on the 4-wheelers and now its the snowmobiles……..Its going to be a long Christmas vacation……good thing gas is cheaper now, I’m not sure if I could afford $4 a gallon gas for those machines.


I suppose you got the hint earlier in the post that I can’t find my camera….so no pictures.    I have things I could take pictures of if I could find the darn thing.    But anyway, I’m on vacation this week and next, so I’ve been quilting my own quilts.    So far three done and I hope to do three more next week…..It feels good to get some of my own things done…..I hate to go to my minigroup lately cause I don’t have anything to show……but next time, I’ll have alot to show off……now to get the bindings done……..that’s alot of hand sewing to do.

It’s late and I should be in bed.    Next time I’ll have pictures….I promise.



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2 Responses to Where’s the camera!!!!

  1. Jan says:

    LOL Don’t you hate it when that happens?! A baby video of the princess went missing here. We’ve looked for a month…. No way to ring that one up either LOL Hope you stay warm and are able to keep quilting on your projects!!

  2. Sue H says:

    I hate misplacing stuff! And your camera — what a bummer. It will show up when you’re looking for something else. Hope you’re gettting the clearer weather that we’re enjoying right now. Enjoy a few more days of your own projects. How fun!

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