Lost is now found

First off,    I don’t lose things……I just temporailly misplace them.    So as usual my camera did show up……..Lord only know how it got put  where it did.     Since I’m always misplacing things I have devised away for myself to find them again.      I used to just look for whatever, but I found I would spend several days looking only not to find.      So what I do is clean until I find it……I pick a room and go thru the whole thing including closets and drawers straightening everything as I go, then move to the next.     it took 2.5 days and 4 rooms but I finally found the camera.    I was planning on cleaning the closets anyway!!!!


On my self-emposed vacation I have been  quilting quilts that I actually own…..I’ve enjoyed myself so much that I’ve decided to extend the vacation until next Monday.  I’ve had this top done for about a year and a half and decided it needs to be done.     Anyway its going to hang on my wall and I’m tired of the quilt that’s hanging there now so its time for change, isn’t that what New Years is all about……time to change!!


This will look so yummy in my living room…….as you can see I need to press it again, I guess when you have something folded for a year the wrinkle come back.   Now what to decide to quilt…….I’m sure something will come to me.

What else have I gotten done.


Here’s the pile……….most of these you have seen pictures of the top.   A total of 4 quilts in various sizes and 3 table toppers.    They just need to have the bindings hand sewn on and they will be completely completed.   I’m so proud of myself.     I need this vacation time more often.


2009  Resolutions!!!

For my resolution for 2009……..Time to finish…….I need to finally complete the quilts I have started.     There are tops waiting here (not as many, see picture above) and tops that are  half done.    So for my Stashbusting effort……projects already started are going to get done……Time to Finish………I think for a couple of them they are just going to get given away to someone who will finish them as I don’t care about them or it fits the catagory “what was I thinking”…..yup they are that bad……I didn’t realize I had that bad of taste!!!!!      Is there a therapy group somewhere that only works on uncompleted quilts….if there isn’t, we should start on……..so how about it….Time to Finish……time to rid your life of excess unfinished quilt baggage!!!


Other Resolutions!!


I need to lose a few pounds,   I work hard at exercising and watching what I consume, but the scale never seems to move downward…..is that an age thing, eat less but don’t lose anything…..  So this year, I’m vowing not to  “add any weight”….maintaining can be a good thing….right…I hope so, since it doesn’t work to diet,  maintaining will be the motto of the year.


We Got Snow!!!

More came night before last……16 inches……..this December we have recieved the most snow ever in this month…….I think something like 32 inches for the month.    We have enough, it can quit for awhile.   This morning we woke up to bitter cold……..-31……but when its that cold we just stay in where its warm and toasty…….I have a very expensive heating system to keep it that way.


I hear a quilt top calling my name………quilt me quilt me………



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