Off to a good start!!!

I’ve been debating on doing  Judy L’s stashbusting for 2009.    I’m not a fan of the phrase “stashbusting”… instead I’m going to track how much fabric I use out of my stash/UFO piles.     I’m on a mission this year to bust some of these quilts I have started and not completed.   I have kits here that haven’t been cut into and projects that are partly completed…..I need to get those done  (ok done for me is getting it to the stage ready for machine quilting).   Hopefully, some of these completed tops will get there turn on the machine this year.


So here’s what I’ve done this week.    I completed this top that was actually my DD’s.    All that was done was cut…….and now the top is done.

p1040160A very simple pattern.   After all my DD was supposed to be sewing this…..its only been here for two years, so now its done (just about).




The next UFO I picked was this batik started last year.    I got some of the 16 and 4 patches done but when I went to cut the background, I wasn’t happy with it so now I get to go shopping the next time I’m at a quilt shop and I’ll find background that works and this background will be put in the stash to use with another project yet to be started.


Yup, the picture proves that it doesn’t work!!!    So this project has been put away until I can get shopping.

So my totals for useage:

1) busted UFO–DD’s Boxed Blessings                used            7.75

2)  Wasted on major purse error                          pitched        .75

Total used for week “1                                                                                         8.5 yards.

Purse Error!!!!

Let’s just say the opening for pockets have to be pointed up, otherwise they don’t hold anything.    Yup,   put the box bottom on the top opening and because cuts were made for the box bottom it can’t be saved!!!!     I get the dumb dunce of the day award for that mishap.


Snow, Snow and more Snow!!!


We’d had alot of “winter” here in Minnesota.    So far to date we’ve had about 37″ of the white stuff.     It can quit anytime.    At least we have the equipment to move large quanities of snow.


Yup, now this is a snowblower.  Although, my DH would prefer if this blower would just be sitting in the shed rusting away instead of getting used.    Only 3 months to go before we are considered out of winter!!!!


Well, Its time for me to pick the next UFO to bust.      I’m on a mission!!!!



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2 Responses to Off to a good start!!!

  1. Diane says:

    I really like the quilt doe your DD. Did you piece the square that is on top or is it fused? That is really cute!

    Diane, This quilt was all pieced… started with the 4-patch and 1.5 inch strips were sewed on all four sides….then the outer part of the block was sewed. On the outer part the fabrics were matched to the center 4 patch. Very easy piecing. The name of the pattern is Boxed Blessings by Ingrid Barlow.


  2. Lori says:

    I don’t think of it so much as stashbusting as I do “stash reducing” and “stash rotating”. And it’s an excellent way to finish you UFO’s. And yes, sometimes you find those projects and you wonder “what on EARTH was I thinking??!!”

    Lori……I think stash means more than unused fabric… kits and UFO’s also need to get done.


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