Keeping track of time!!!

I’ve been longarm quilting for 5.5 years.   I’ve always just quilted….took breaks when I felt like it…quilted some more….washed a load…..made lunch and dinner…..that’s pretty much how my days have always gone.     Starting this year,   I’m tracking how much time I actually spend quilting on my machine……I’ve had a timer for about 2 years, but never used it.     So now I use the timer……whenever I start a new quilt I turn it on………if I take a break longer than 5 minutes I shut it off and then start again when I get back to the quilt.      In the last four days………..I’ve averaged 4.3 hours per day quilting.     Considering I’m awake for 16-17 hours a day,   that’s not many hours actually working.


I have always thought I worked about 6-7 hours a day on the machine but as I see how I have been wasting alot of time….I guess I take more breaks than I thought.    If I worked for someone else…..I would have probably been fired for not working enough.    So next week……..I’m going to try to put in 6 hours a day on the machine actually working.  Working smart is going to be my motto for next week.


I’m not all sure I want to work harder and longer…….I sorta like that I can do what I want, when I want.    The reason I’m doing this, is to make more time for me……I guess if I’m wasting time during the day……that wasted time is “my” fun time and I want to have all the “me” time I can get.      So we’ll keep timing and figure out what I’m wasting my time on…..I have afeeling its the internet/computer that I’m losing my time with…..or this morning, I laid on the bed after everyone went about there day,  I was just going to watch the weather channel to see about this storm coming……2 hours later…..I was still laying there watching the weather channel…….I could have at least watched something good.    This is some of the stuff I waste my time with.    So…..NO MORE WASTING TIME……………Or   I’ll try to not waste as much time!!!  Somethings will be tough to change.



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One Response to Keeping track of time!!!

  1. Lurking Linda says:

    The weather channel!!! Are you sure you didn’t just shut your eyes for another minute and woke back up to the weather channel? Mind you, there have been days when I hear that blinkety blankety music that means the locxal weather is on again (every 10 on the 10) and I realize it’s been on for quite a while!!!

    Linda, I was awake the whole time…….I kept saying to myself I should get up….but I didn’t. DD came in and talked to me…….DH came in and talked to me…but I just kept laying there. Finally the phone rang and I had to get out of bed to answer!! Karen

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