Week 2–Stash report!!!

I’ve had a good week on the “Use It Up” home front.    I didn’t enter a quilt shop, that will change tomm as I have a retirement party for one of the workers at a shop…..so I have to go…..but I don’t have to buy……..but I haven’t left a quilt shop empty handed!!!!


No Purchases made

Fabric Used:      4.25 yards

Net used YTD:      12.75 yards


I will be slowing down as my next project up is abig quilt that has been here for about 3 years and there is alot left to do.



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3 Responses to Week 2–Stash report!!!

  1. shannon says:

    I rarely leave a shop empty handed! LOL

  2. Morah says:

    Well….a 12.75 yd purchase will only put you back to 0!

    I could so easily be lead astray going to a quilt shop…….but the trip I was planning for today…..is cancelled…….due to a snowtorm……so I’m safe for this next weeks report!!! Karen

  3. Lori says:

    A party at a quilt shop? I want to come along! Enjoy yourself, life is short!

    But I didn’t get to go to the party……..we had a surprise blizzard here yeaterday. Karen

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