Organizing the Stash!!!


I’m not going to say my stash is out of control……..I have a fair quantity……more than some and less than others.   So last Saturday, I spent the day figuring out what I have in the way of fabric, kits, started quilts and did some serious thinking about what I’m going to keep or pitch.     Some kits I decided I wasn’t going to ever make them….so apart they came and the fabrics put with there color family…..Most of these were smaller…..what was I thinking kits…..I told you it was hard for me to leave a quilt shop empty handed……….so now the fabrics will get used to make other quilts.


I also went thru my pile of quilts already started……..actually I don’t have as many UFo’s as I thought……most of mine come from the tops being done and waiting for my machine quilter to get them completed (she does have a complex about working on her own things that she is hoping to cure in 2009).    So on Sunday I went to work on a UFO……..Kalimantan…..P1120171 It’s only been here since about 2004!     It didn’t take long to figure out why I quit working on it……….I made a mistake or two…….so I spent about 30 minutes unsewing…….and it was back to sewing the seams for good!    I got the center lonestar done and now I have the borders to do, which I hope to get done this week.    Another pieced top done will feel good…….Like I said..I’m on a mission.      Actually there is a paper pieced quilt I want from Keepsake Quilting.   I’ve had my eye on it for about a year………so when I get some of these UFO tops done……I won’t feel so guilty about ordering it!!!!!    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I still like it as much as I do now.


Another storm warning for tonight……its already started to snow (that word is being used sparingly around here these days….and we even like snow) and the wind is supposed to increase on the evening goes on.     Sounds like a nice night to sew on some borders.



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