Wintertime vacation

I know most of you in blogland, the minute you mention cold weather….you run to turn up the heat and pile on extra blankets.     For some of us winter is the best season to enjoy the outdoors.   So last weekend we loaded the snowmobiles and headed for a fun filled weekend in the snow.   Three days of sleding a total of 250 miles.    Now we don’t pitch a tent or anything barbaric like that………we do stay in heated cabins usually on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.


On our second day,    we went to Itaska State Park……….most of you have heard of the Mississippi River that stretches its way across the United States……….that river has to start somewhere…….well it starts in Itaska State Park in central Minnesota.   Here its just this very small stream that meanders its way along growing larger as it moves its way south to the Gulf of Mexico.












Lake_Itasca_Mississippi_Source These are summertime photos (I bet you will never guess who left there camera at home)…..even during the winter its an open stream about 6-8 inches deep.     We’ve been here in the summertime and have walked across the rocks.     It was abit to cold to walk in the water this trip.     it was fun to watch the water flow gently over the rocks……its really strange that something so peaceful here can turn into a major river that can cause a wide variety problems depending upon the weather conditions.






Anyway we were gone for three days………but it has taken me three days to recover and catch up on what we missed while gone.       If you have never been on a snowmobile………its hard to explain the enjoyment that can come from driving these machine across the snow… can think in terms of a motorcycle on skis!!!   We had great weather…mostly sunshine with temp’s in the 20’s……..the perfect weather!!!      LIke I said, I left my camera at home so as soon as I get pictures, I’ll post what it looks like in the winter… favorite season!!!



I have gotten some work done this week,    and I had to deliver some quilts to a shop today…………and we all know what happens on quilt delivery day…………I’ll have to post about that in a few days…………I think I’m still positive……barely!!!



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One Response to Wintertime vacation

  1. Karen says:

    sounds like a place to add to my ever growing places to visit with our small motor home that we got last year. I would love to see the head of the Mississippi. Your trip sounds great – I know a lot of people enjoy the snow and the cold – I do for short periods of time! I just get cold too easily and aches and pains come 🙂 if I am out in it too long.

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