I went shopping!!!!

Actually,  I had to go shopping in a nearby town for basketball shoes for my son……..there were no shoes in this town for him (this is not the first time this had happened)……..so I had a couple of quilts going to this town……….and while I was at the shop, I spent a bit of money on fabric……….I haven’t purchased anything new for a long time so I figured I better stimulate the quilt economy…………my reasoning……if the quilt shops close, there goes my business!!!!


So for week 3 and 4—– I was gone on a minivacation last weekend so I didn’t report.


Purchases                18 yards at a cost of $144.00

YTD Purchases                                                                                18 yards.


Fabric used week 3 and 4      Finished a UFO started in 2004         10 yards

                                              backing for this quilt (108″ wide)      2.5 yards


Fabric used to date                                                                        25.25 yards



Net used to date                                                                             7.25 yards.


Here’s the purchases for this week





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One Response to I went shopping!!!!

  1. Karen says:

    I love the fabric that you bought. I am going to a sale next week and I’m sure I will find something even though I am trying hard to not buy too much but to use what I have. But like you I feel I must keep this quilt store in business and help the economy! – that reason is a good one after all.
    With the state of the economy as it is…..there are a couple of shops who are hurting so I have to try to help anyway I can. I have to travel (50 miles one way) so to keep them going will help in the future so I won’t have to travel as far. And since my business is dependent upon there business, that’s just an extra. And plus, it feels so good to have new fabric running thru my fingers. Karen

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