Lazy week!!!


Why is it when you go away for a few days and come back, it takes you awhile to get back into the swing of things???   Maybe that’s why I don’t leave home very often.   I come back more tired then when I left,  I do laundry the day before we leave and you have to do it again the day after you get back……..sometimes I think its just easier to stay home!!!  Plus I sleep way better in my own bed then in someone else’s…… just don’t know who or what was the last thing to sleep in that bed.    Next month we are doing this all over again……..this time though we are staying in a more deluxe hotel…….in fact I may spend the whole weekend in the hot tub!!!!


Your children do grow up!!


I love babies….those tiny little people you brought home from the hospital who just laid there snuggling next to your chest……………… forward 20 years…… have raised this independent free thinker with a mind of their  own…….now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my daughter can make decisions on her own…….Lord knows I hate making decisions and I try to avoid them at all costs.     So here’s my daughters latest decision.




Yup, your seeing right……..a tattoo………at least its  small and on a place on her body that I don’t mind people staring at and you can cover it up with socks and no one would ever know its there.    Actually I don’t mind that she got it……..she asked when she was 18 and we did give permission and she waited until she was 20 before she got it.   She is actually very sensible with her decisions and how she spends her money……except the shoe thing……..we won’t go there!!!





Afternoon off!!!!!


I didn’t feel like working today…….so I took the afternoon off and did some piecing.   Part of my plan to not work so hard……and plus the fact my machine started throwing some loops and not holding tension like I want… I decided to order the parts to replace in the bobbin case and they won’t be here until Monday…… rest of the day/weekend off!!!    I’m trying to get a quilt together to enter in a show this year or next year…….I think its time to have my stuff judged to see if some one else thinks my stuff is as good as I think it  is.     So the last few weeks I’ve been studing Barbara Brackman’s book Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns………..I want to find a block that is old…I’ve picked one from the 1920’s and I think the person who did it first is dead so I don’t have to worry about copyrights.    Everything old is new again.     I have a lot of reference books………I’m working on becoming a certified quilt appraiser………boy its a lot of learning I have to do…….hopefully within about 4-5 years I’ll be certified.



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