Just a custom week.

On the quilting front this week I did 2 1/2 customs quilts………actually 3 but the one was small so I’m only counting it as a half.     On quilt #1 the piecer said “make me like this again”, so I tried my best to bring out the best in the quilt.

P1210178 Some of the colors were very bold and she used limited fabrics.    She did a very good job of piecing and after I was done the quilt looked much better than when it was unquilted.








Quilt #2.    A shop sample for there buck a block program.   Here again a sampler with limited fabrics….I still believe more is better when doing samplers.P1270182   This quilt had some problems with bulk where seams meet……come on pattern designers……pay abit more attention how these multiple seams come together.







P1270183 I used the same treatment in the plain block with a slight change in this one.    I do this freehand with the exception of the arc shape.  I’m on a mission to rid my dependence on stencils….I use them for inspiration but try to freehand as much as possible.  




Quilt #2  1/2………This was just a small quilt but very dramatic……I just love colorwash Trip around the World.  And when they are in my favorite colors…it makes it all the better.

P1290184  P1290185






Here again I used all freehand treatments with CC and a feather in part of the colorwash.

I didn’t take close up of the border which I tried something new….next time I’ll take better pictures.    I was in a hurry to get this in the mail so just quick pictures.

Someday,   I’m going to have my photo stand set up,    I have a place picked out in my home where it can stay up all year around and not be in the way!!!!    That will be coming this summer!!!!

It isn’t always about quilting.

I still do piecing as time allows.     I had a stack of brown and blue strips left from two other quilts I did last year and figured it was time to either do something with them or put them in the scrap box.     So I picked a Heartstring quilt from Mary’s blog.     But something went wrong,   I was having a “male” moment and thought I wouldn’t need directions, so I start sewing and cutting and so on and after the cutting, I just couldn’t get it to look like the quilt in the picture, so I just played around until I came up with this.       

P1300186 I think I want to make it bigger, but that will require cutting more strips, so I might just put a border on it and call it good.    I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone……I’m not a sports person, so I won’t be watching the superbowl…..I’ll be parked at my sewing machine!!


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2 Responses to Just a custom week.

  1. Howdy says:

    It’s always good when you can make a quilt look better!
    I also love the color wash and want to work on one for myself… maybe for the fall.
    I do like how your strips came out… even if you were using the male side of your brain – LOL I used those colors for a challenge I participated in last year and really like what I got back.

  2. AllenQuilts says:

    Very pretty quilting!

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