Stash report week 5……

I did some sewing progress this week.    I had my seaming/cutting mishap that resulted in this little quilt,  I don’t feel all that bad about the mishap as the new layout looks good (other than a few pressing issues with seams,  my machine quilter should be able to quilt them out) and it used up scraps that were just laying around………so mission accomplished.

Fabric purchased this week:                      5 yards

YTD fabric purchased:                               23 yards

Fabric used this week:                             3.25 yards

YTD fabric used:                                      29.50 yards

Net fabric used this year…………………     6.50 yards…………..

I’m still ahead of the game.     On the quilt I’m doing for future show,   I decided on the layout and realized I would need more background fabric, so I sent my daughter to the fabric shop to purchase the extra I would need……she only buys what on the list, not like her mother when she goes to the quilt shop.

Since its Superbowl Sunday and I don’t do sports,   I’m going to try to do another strip quilt, this time following the directions so I don’t screw it up!!!


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One Response to Stash report week 5……

  1. Mary-Kay C. says:

    I wish I had a child like that or any relative. If I go to the quilt shop with my sister she wants me to buy the whole bolt. I suppose I could send my husband but then he would know how much stuff costs. As if he doesn’t already!

    My DD has been me errand runner ever since she got her license….she buy groceries, bank and postal errands……its been such a help…..but now she’s 20 so the errand running has been just about come to an end. She’s going off to college next year and will be moving…….to the town that has 3 quilt shops I do business with. So now besides taking care of business….I’ll get to take my DD to lunch/dinner and shopping. Karen

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