I’m going on a retreat.

In two weeks I’m going to join about 70 other women on a quilting retreat where all we will do is eat, sew and eat some more.    It’s being held at a resort called Thumper Pond….a top of the line resort with extras right on sight………no golfing this time of the year………..I may have to treat myself to a pedicure or massage while there……….the food is execllent………..I may never want to come home!!!    So now what do I sew….I think a new project will be in order.    I suppose I could take a really old UFO, left over from a retreat about 12 years ago, some of the same women will be there…..no I think something new will be better.


I’ve had a good week on the machine….had some down time (ok I needed a nap a couple of days and had the flu on Monday)    but even so I managed 4 quilts.    I hope to put on one of my own tomm afternoon and work on that  over the weekend.     My DH has a fishing derby on Saturday so he should be gone most of the day.


Let’s see………..what to sew……fabric from the stash or something new…….decisions are tough.



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