Stash busting—-Week 6

Is it just me or is this year racing by really fast????    I’ve gotten stuff done, taxes get done this week (boy do I dislike this job, even though I used to do accounting and tax work as my chosen profession).       Hopefully life will slow down abit and it will feel like I’m accomplishing something.


I’ve has a good week sewing,   I started Strip Twist on Stupid Bowl Sunday,    I don’t do sports, so I sewed instead.   I finished the borders during the week.

P2070191 Don’t look to close as there are a couple of mistakes in the layout…..I can’t see them….but my eagle-eye daughter can.    But since this is a scrap quilt………….it doesn’t make any difference.     This was all from my stash.   


I did go to a quilt shop today…………I’m so proud of myself……all I came home with was………..thread……..yup, that’s all.    But then I have a hard time shopping at this shop.  With the old owner I could find anything I wanted……but the way the new owner has the fabric arranged,    it’s really difficult to shop there.



On to the stash report………….as a couple of you noticed last week………….I can’t add in my head.   So the totals weren’t correct, so this week will have the corrected totals as they should be.


Fabric added this week:            none

Fabric added year to date:        23 yards


Fabric used this week:                 4.5 yards

Fabric used YTD:                          33 yards


Net fabric busted:                            10 yards



For this week,    I’m going start on the components for my show quilt using this fabric.     I’ve got the prototype block done and all the math works.    So on the agenda for this week is to make about 250 half square triangles.     I’m still trying to decide what to work on at retreat….I’m thinking something easy…..I have awhile to decide.


I hope everyone has a good week.



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4 Responses to Stash busting—-Week 6

  1. Karen says:

    coming home with just thread is great progress wouldn’t you say! good job on the scrap quilt I love it – didn’t see any mistakes.

  2. Brenda says:

    I like your Strip Twist, and there are no mistakes!! 😉 I think it’s really pretty. And on Tuesday I am going to a quilt shop (BOM) and I really hope I don’t come home with anything more than thread!! Although, if they have a ruler I am looking for, I might bring that home too……. but I really don’t want to add to my stash!!! Rulers and thread I think help to bust it!!
    Have fun making your triangles!! That is alot to be making, so make sure you have fun with it!! Have a great week!!

  3. Lori says:

    if there’s a mistake I can’t see it! It turned our very striking, much better use of time than watching football!

  4. rosewillow says:

    What a gorgeous Strip Twist quilt! I can’t see any mistakes — looks perfect to me. Great work! Take care, Dianne B. in England

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