Preparing for retreat!!!

Next weekend I get to spend 3 days with my fellow quilters doing what we all enjoy.     Its been several years since I’ve been on an overnight retreat so it will be good to escape the comforts of home.         It will be sheer bliss having a maid make my bed every morning and to have  meals cooked for me and to just laze around doing what I enjoy………which makes me think………do I have to come  home!!!!!


So my biggest chore for this week will be deciding what to sew for these three heaven filled days……..should I work on my show quilt……….or should I do something easier that I don’t have to concentrate on…….I’ll probably take both projects and make up my mind when I get there.  This retreat has no formal classes…..we just work on what we want.  So what to do??????


On the home front for this week,   I worked for 3 days and did 4 quilts.   For a couple of days I just didn’t feel like working, but I did manage to get my taxes done and off to the accountant.    We don’t come out to bad this year.  Both DH and I are self employed and we can do some planning on how much income we take…..its tough to do a balancing act so we keep everything as consistent as we can from year to year.   


Things will be changing this year as our daughter will be moving on with her life.    She’ll be completing her college education in another town and living on her own.    We’ll be providing for her until she graduates, but things will be different around our home…………….I feel the balance of power changing……..currently we have 2 females and 2 males………when she leaves……I’ll be the only female with 2 males…..I think I’ll be hiding alot in my sewing space….you have to understand, those 2 males here are completely alike in how they think and act…..even though the boy is only 11………..he’s just like his father!!!!     I’m trying to condition my thinking so I won’t have such a shock this summer.


No pictures today……..just nothing worthy of photographs.    Outside we have plain ugly snow……this week was in the upper 30’s and it started its meltdown and the snow just looks ugly when it does that……I guess Spring is just around the corner.    I didn’t even sew anything exciting this week……just a bunch of half-square triangles, that would be a boring picture.   Maybe next week I’ll have something worthy to take pictures of.




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