Valentine memories!!!!

Look what arrived this morning…………

P2140198 Two red roses from my devoted husband,  two pink roses from my daughter, and 2 white roses with blue tips from my son.       Even though DH is not feeling well, he still ventured out to get flowers,  he also stopped at the clinic to see what the doctor could do for him….just a virus….so so no help other than to live thru it.


So tonight we had a dinner at home instead of going out, we don’t want to spread those germs around others.  So we had Rib eye steaks, baked potatoes, just like fresh corn and orange chifon fruit salad….and cupcakes (store bought).

2009valentinesday Just a few photo’s before dinner.       My photo skills are getting better……….maybe I’m paying more attention to what I’m doing.  Everything tasted wonderful, even though 3/4’s of the household are either sick or recovering from being sick………you just wait,   I haven’t been sick……and I’m going on retreat next weekend……I’m keeping my distance from all in the house so I don’t catch this bug!!!!!



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