How Many Strips Does It Take!!!!!


I have tubs of strips……….all 1.75 inches in width and the length varies……..these are all left overs from quilts of the past.P2180206    Some of these have been here for 15-20 years.      For 2009, I’m on a mission to rid my life of these strips……I’ve been using them all along……their have been several quits that have been made so its not like I’ve just forgotten them.   


This last weekend, I decided to use these strips……I had a few log cabin blocks left from the last time I played with these strips so I made enough log cabin blocks to get a nice size quilt.P2180205     So I did 64 blocks in total.  They will make a  quilt about 72 by 72 without borders.



After I got sick of sewing, completed with the logs…..I decided to switch to courthouse steps blocks.





So I sewed the rest of the weekend on these………….42 blocks……..they should sew up into a quilt about 72 by 84 without borders.   


You would think after sewing 2 sets of blocks, I would notice a decrease in the tubs……..I notice only a slight difference in the light tube…..after basically 2 quilts I thought I’d have them about half used up.    Nooooooooooooo….these is probably another 3-4 quilts in those tubs.


So how much fabric did I use………………on the log cabin…I roughly figured each block took 2  strips by the WOF… for 64 blocks…….I used 6 1/4 yards…………….you know, I couldn’t believe that so I recalculated it again.    On the courthouse steps………for the 42 blocks used about 6 1/8 yards…….. Total for both quilts was 12 3/8 yards.     So if I removed that much fabric from the tubs and I still have this all left…………how many yards could there possibly be in those three tubs.       Since I’m on a mission………I’m hoping to find out.        I think I’m going to stick with making the  courthouse steps blocks cause they go so much faster in the sewing department……and I think I’m going to make the quilts huge…..king size sounds good.  These quilts will be donation quilts when they are completed.


And the Lord said “Let there be light”


Yesterday when I was in a town that had a sewing machine dealership,   I finally stopped to pick up a light bulb for my machine……….its only been out for about 2 years.     I have Ott lights around my machine so I didn’t really miss the light on the machine, so now I have light on the machine.











Add the fact I have this neat little add on light that is just wonderful. I will have way more light than I need for my weekend away……sewing until midnight is my plan.     Now if I could just figure out what I’m going to sew.




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One Response to How Many Strips Does It Take!!!!!

  1. Mary says:

    I’m also determined to tame my leftover strips and strings by making log cabin quilts this year. I’m curious how large you’re making your blocks? I’ve been making 9.5 inch blocks and using 48 of them in a quilt that finishes 54×72 but I’ve been thinking of trying a larger size with one of the quilts.
    Mary, My log cabin blocks are 9.5 and my tenative layout is 8 x 8, I do the back raising layout and I like the look better with an even number set. The courthouse step blocks are 12.5 and with that quilt I will do a 6 x 7 block layout. My biggest consideration for size is the backing…..I try to keep one of lengths about at the 80-83 inches, that way I only need 2 WOF
    for the back. I think I will be making more of the courthouse step blocks as they go much faster than log cabin. Karen

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