Oh how I love blizzards!!

We woke up this am to this.   I love blizzards.    I don’t have to go anywhere or worry about anyone stopping by.    We did have a meeting at the bank for business which we made it into town for, but then I was homeward bound and stayed the rest of the day. P2260228  Did some quilting on the big boy and quit early.     The rest of the day I hear some half square triangles calling my name.     Dinner is in the oven, so the rest of the time is mine.     DS and DD didn’t have school/college today so they spent most of the day laying around the house or shop.




Last weekend was great……….met lotza quilters in the area and even managed to get a few things done.    Bought a couple of items (the retreat people had a store set up and a sewing machine dealer had set up also).    We’ll share the big purchase on another post.    And we’ll have some stashbusting to report also, it will be more positive than negative.


Dumb Dunce of the day—-Revisited!!


Once a month I go on quilt delivery and pickup at a couple of shops about an hour from here.    Last month,  I forgot to

P2250225  take my small wallet along.   As you can see it hold, all the stuff I need to function……cash, license, debit cards……its not real big, which I like, fits into your pocket.     Anyway last time I went on my run I forgot this at home, it was in the coat pocket of the coat I didn’t take.     I had the checkbook, but you can’t write a check with out ID.




So I didn’t do any extra shopping on that trip.    So yesterday,    I’m making my run again…………and what did I leave home……..my wallet.     I couldn’t believe I did it again.    So the only shopping I did was at the quilt shop………I don’t need ID there to write a check.      So now I think I’m going to put post it notes all over the house reminding me not to forget the wallet.       I really didn’t need to shop for much yesterday………so maybe its a good thing I left it home.      I’m just lucky that I don’t speed and have law enforcement stop me with no drivers license……or what about if I have been in an accident…….they wouldn’t have known who to call with no ID.     I promise I will never do that again………..but then…….I said that last time also.




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