End of February!!!

I’m so glad this month is just about over……..the taxes are done and filed…..will pay the dues in April……..what’s so nice about this electronic filing is you can file early and not pay until April 15.    Years ago when I did taxes as part of my job……….you sent the money with the return……..if you didn’t there was he– to pay.    I like it better this way



Toasty Toes Retreat


It was alot of fun……where else can you sit around and sew and eat and sew some more, have your bed made…..get a massage…….life was good for the weekend.      This is what I got done.

 Another Strip Twist…..this will probably be a wedding present.     I’m going to put borders on it eventually when we decide what color we want the quilt to read……so many colors going on that anything will look good.


I also made some table runner.

P2280230 This was part of a kit I bought, for the octagon, there was enough fabric left over for the two smaller runners.   The cork fabric was supposed to be the backing……but I used it for the smaller table runners and I will put a plain backing on then when its time to quilt them.



I also did about 400 half-square triangles for a project I’m working on…….they took all afternoon……I got some of them pressed……but I got tired of pressing so I decided to do something else.


As a quilter what amazed me the most is how others function……but then I guess everyone has there own style.


Bernie now lives here.


I have a new male in the house……or at least its acting like a male.     I’m trying my best to bond but he’s not like anything I’ve had before.     I’ll keep you posted on how Bernie is behaving.





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One Response to End of February!!!

  1. Karen says:

    I love the quilt it certainly does have a twisted look to it!

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