March Madness!!!!

Every year in March,  I go on a working frenzy.    I realize that I didn’t get everything accomplished in Jan and Feb like I wanted and with April right around the corner with the farming season starting again………I have March to get caught up\ahead of the game.      Some  years I have won the battle   and lets say some years I  haven’t.     This year will be different,   I’ve gotten my plate abit lighter now so maybe I won’t feel like I’m months behind.


So my goals for March Madness are:

Business———-15 client quilts—–I cut back,  I used to plan on 20—–but I know now I don’t want to be a wonder woman.


Personal——–     I have several small projects I want to get done on my home sewing machine, so I set up for those and just quilt until they are done.

I want to get some actual assembly done on a quilt I’ve been working on—-so far most of the components are done…… to start assembling the blocks.


I found an applique BOM I’d like to do.    I don’t do hand work, so this will be done with machine….with blanket stitch…….I have all these neat threads form my embroidery days that I want to get back to using.       This BOM started the first of the year, so I will have three months to do to get caught up.



I won’t be posting much for the rest of this month.    I’ll keep up with stash busting, but the accomplishments will be  saved until the end of the month, lets see if I come close to getting things done..     Anyway with all the “winter blues” that are showing up in blogland, I think a break is in order.


see ya on the flip side………..

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3 Responses to March Madness!!!!

  1. Sue H says:

    Karen: Good luck in your March Madness! You have put forth a pretty heavy schedule, but if you’re like me, you also do your best work under pressure! When there’s so much to do, the only thing worse than the tick-tock of the clock is the flipping of calendar pages. Looking forward to your progress reports!

  2. Lori says:

    March Madness–I hope it hits me soon!

  3. goldenneedle says:

    So far I’m on track….keeping us with the business is the one I can’t let get behind…..its so hard to catch up when your behind… far so good. Karen L

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