Be Myself

Over the last few months, I have been very careful about what I put on my blog, always making sure I didn’t rock the boat….being more concerned about the feelings of others, instead of being myself.      Last June, I had a couple of people harassing me about things I was posting on my blog (the old blog)…….I finally got fed up with it and deleted the blog.   I spent the month of July kicking myself for doing that as these people had won….


I evenually started this blog and I’ve kept very careful about what I post as to not rock anyone’s boat……so I wouldn’t be harassed……I don’t feel that I should have to bow down to anyone to keep “them” happy……..This is my blog, so I will make myself happy.


Do you notice on the sidebar the “thought of the day”.      I think everyone should read it carefully…….we all should feel this way everyday.   We each have our own right to shine, no one else has the right to take away our freedom to think, feel or express…….So let me light shine,   this is my blog……welcome to my life!!!!



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5 Responses to Be Myself

  1. Karen says:

    it’s your blog, you should post what you want. You will always get a few people who state their opinions which might differ from yours but in the end they do not have to read your blog if they don’t want to 🙂 I have read a few other peoples blogs who very much differ from what I believe at times and people have gotten angry with them and left nasty comments and a couple stopped publishing their blogs like you say you did – when they went on some kind of rant or whatever you want to call it that I didn’t think was right I just quit reading it. It isn’t my blog so my opinion really doesn’t count. Just like if I write something and someone disagrees with it they are welcome to not stop by.

  2. Jan says:

    Karen, I’m sorry you had that experience. I love your thought of the day! And I have loved all phases of your blog. Sending you a hug! And never forget…. you have control over the delete key as well as moderation features. It is your blog and you are good!

  3. Bethany says:

    Just found your blog. Thank you! I needed to hear that. I tend to think about what others will say and not about what I want to say. Back to being myself!

  4. Chris D says:

    Hi Karen,

    That’s my favorite quote. I wish the world would know those works and we would all shine brilliantly.

  5. goldenneedle says:

    Words to keep inspired… new motto for my life. There were 3 people who were emailing not so nice things (actually I think it was one person using three different idenities) So far they haven’t followed me here which I’m so thankful for. Karen L

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