Boys and their toys!!!!

P3050231 This came to live at our home………you know, I’m not sure who the kid is at our home………sometimes the DH is just as much of a kid as my son.     The boys have wanted to have a new one of these for about 2 years………I did put my foot down and tell them they needed to have the money saved first……..I’m not a fan of the buy now pay later…….so my son, age 11 has been saving his money…….paychecks, gifts from grandparents…..he kept it up and had most of the money…..we did chip in a few dollars………but he has worked very hard the last two summers to get enough for this toy 


So the boys will be having fun next summer riding this……actually in June they will run away from home for about 5 days to ride these around………I can hardly wait, its a vacation for me when they are gone.



The wind is still blowing…….the snow has stopped for the evening, but with the wind blowing it around it still isn’t very nice here.   Most of the major interstate and highways are closed so everything is pretty much a standstill.    By morning the wind is supposed to be down, so school will probably start 2 hours late so I’m going to sleep in tomm.   Please don’t call me early, cause I won’t be awake.



To those who have left comments…..I have all comments on moderate so if they don’t show up right away don’t worry, as soon as I check them they will show up.      Do you know “March Madness” for me is about quilting………..not basketball.     Anyone who knows me, know I don’t do sports, so please don’t leave comments related to basketball, I will have no idea what you are talking about.


So what’s the next project for me……I’m at a standstill on the big quilt I’m working on, more fabric should be here this week sometime……..I’ve seen that selvages are hot and I had an idea to make a purse using them….I thought about taking all my fat quarters and cutting the selvages off, but then I thought twice about it cause I just got them all organized and folded a few months ago and I like them all lined up nice and orderly…..I just couldn’t talk myself into messing with them.       So now I’ll just cut them and save them until I work with a piece of fabric, so maybe in a few months I’ll have enough to do the selvage purse.   Maybe I’ll just hand sew some bindings the rest of the night.



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