God willing…….

and the creek don’t rise.         Its to late the creek and river is rising as we speak.   The NWS keeps changing the prediction of how high its going to get.   Here’s the latest.

whnn8_hg They are currently predicting that the level reaches 18.5 feet………that’s alot water and at that level it causes me some problems here where I live.    If I had my old home, it would be flooding…….in the new home we are safe at that level…….we started with our foundation at 3.5 feet above existing grade…..even though the house will be dry the rest of the farmstead will probably have alot of water covering it..


I’ve lived here alot of years……..like 26…so we have always kept an eye on the snowfall and water levels………now I’m not one to complain…….but I think the National Weather Service is being very aggressive on its prediction for this year……I personally don’t see the level that they are predicting……there just wasn’t enough moisture this winter…..I for one will be so glad if it comes up way short of this level.


Here’s some random shots from our location.























Here’s the sign we’ll use to keep track of the water level………..in the last major flood event in 1997…..water covered this sign……with any amount of luck we’ll be able to see this sign thru the whole flood.   



catch you all later……….

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One Response to God willing…….

  1. Karen says:

    good luck I hope you won’t have any damage. So good that you built up high.

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