Red River of the North

Several of you have sent email or comments wondering about the Red River flooding that is currently causing so many problems.   Below is a picture of Red River Basin from the National Weather Service.


RRmap All the towns listed will have a problem with flooding this year…….these are just the majors cities……there are dozens of smaller cities that aren’t listed that have problems also.


The Red River separates Minnesota from North Dakota, where it then flows into Canada making its way to Hudson Bay.     The lay of the land is very flat.   In the 250 miles that makes up this river in the states, the elevation drop is only about 200 feet…….because of this the only rapid moving water is in the river channel but because of the volume of water it spreads out along the river waiting its turn to get in the channel……….that is the type of flooding I have.   The water at my place is just sitting here waiting until it can flow back into the main river channel.  As you can see on the map there are several rivers that dump into the Red River…..this basin is quite large and I would bet there are billions of gallons of water that will flow thru this river channel.


Today here in Wahpeton, ND/Breckenridge, MN the river stabilized alot………hopefully it has reached its peak,  its still rising slowly at my place and I pray we have reached our peak.


But as our problems are easing…….those upstream are just starting and they are gearing up for major flood levels.   It will take several weeks for the water to reach the Canadian border, so the battles are just beginning.


We had very little rise in the water here today……some water is creeping into my yard…..if we can make it though tomorrow we should be home free.    Since we didn’t get the rain last night that was predicted (yes prayers were answered) they revised our crest level downward today……….there is still massive amounts of water that have to make it this way from the south……so we aren’t completely out of the woods.



P3240272 Our fur child is acting kinda strange today….I’m sure he knows something is up…I’m sure Scooby will be more relaxed when the lake disappears from the lawn.






And the sign



Less and less is showing……This is the closest I could get without betting my feet wet………that water is cold.    I will be so happy tomorrow to wake up to reduced water levels……but then its predicted to rain/snow some more tonight.


Thank you to all who have been praying for our safety……its greatly appreciated.





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One Response to Red River of the North

  1. Karen says:

    I’m keeping you in my thoughts, and hope you come through great – I sure hope you have no more rain. Thanks for posting the photo’s and the map – sure makes it clearer when you see a map.

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