I’m just playing around!!!

I’ve been using a program called Windows Live Writer for about 3 months now……..and I’ve never really played with it, just  pretended like I was using the WordPress program.


So I’m playing around……..you can change text and color.


I can enlarge the text size, I can insert very easily what ever I want…..even video’s…..I don’t have anything to make a video with but I could upload it if I did.


Most of the time I probably with do my posts with the same old black and font……..I don’t want to get to creative.



the Nest is empty!!!


The last two nights, 1 needle (daughter) and 2 needle (son) have been gone…..both on overnight trips with friends.      So Mr. Needle and I have been trying not to drive each other crazy……and yes we do have things to talk about that aren’t related to the children or business (when you run your own businesses do you know how tough it is to keep the boardroom out of the bedroom).   


We have mostly just hung out together, we both worked this afternoon, went and played Bingo tonight,   I’m not sure why we played Bingo, we haven’t ever done that,  but I guess it was something to do.     I hope the needle children come home tomm……I can’t stand all this quiet.



I hear some fabric calling my name……..so I’ll go cut.



later………Mrs.  Needle


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