If you post a comment on my blog it appears exactly as you have posted it, no changing of it takes place.    I moderate some of the comments and if they are spammers, or use profanity, I will delete them.     If a comment is posted that is meant to harass me, I will delete it…….otherwise anything that gets posted will be allowed……no matter what you say or how you say it.     If I post about something and you disagree with me…….that’s fine I believe we don’t all have to think alike, act alike or be alike……I’ve never really been a follower that conforms to the will of one.


I expect this same treatment in return……if I have taken the time to post a comment it should be allowed.   I know each of us is the “keeper” of our blogs and we get to make the rules concerning our blog….but I do find it offensive to have comments deleted that are relevant to the post at hand.    You don’t have to like my opinion or even agree with it… fact I’m glad if you have an opinion different than mine,   it shows me that you are an independent free thinker that is capable of making your own choices.     If you ask for comments to be made, why do you find it necessary to choose only the comments you want to see posted………


Enough about this!!!!




later……….Mrs Needle

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