Countdown is on!!!!

I knew this day would come…..I’ve been preparing myself since the first day of kindergarten.     In three short weeks my daughter will be moving…..I know that this is what she wants to do but as a Mother seeing her everyday…….and now to see her occasionally makes me sad.


She graduates from the two-year college here on May 15…….and May 16 she starts her job about an hour away.     Its with the same company that she works for here……she was hoping to wait until the middle of summer but the company needed her at the new location now… she accepted.    The job will be mostly fulltime this summer and next fall when she starts back for the rest of her education the job will be part time.     I’m glad she has a job as it helps pay some of the costs of education/living expenses……but part of me would rather have her here for the summer.     She will be back and forth quite abit….for the first couple of months… she’s going to be living with a friend whose husband is away at basic training so she will be here on weekends, but sometime in July she will be moving into her own apartment.


Is it possible to be  happy and sad all at the same time…….how can this little bundle of joy that I brought home from the hospital be ready to be on her own………I’ve tried to do everything parents are supposed to do…….I know she is ready……..but I’m not ready.


So I’ll mope around here for the next few weeks, enjoying every possible moment with my priceless treasure….we’ll go to lunch,  a shopping spree might be in order with Mom footing the bill……I’ll relish every moment!!


later……….Mrs. Needle

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