Technology week!!!

Its time I get into the real world……….no more sticking my head in the sand while the rest of the world passes me by…..I’ve lived with out a fax machine…..people still ask if they can fax me something… you can’t.     I lived with my first computer for about 12 years,  a DOS based (pre-windows) that had a very small 40 mg harddrive which still has space on it when I quit using it 1995…..I did move into windows based computer that has something like an 80 gig harddrive……..still haven’t run out of space on that one.


But any way,    my newest new device here is

blackberry-storm2Yup………… very own blackberry storm…… I’m connected anytime/anywhere.   No reason not to find me know.     Sometimes life is all about MOM!!!!!   So now when I’m sitting waiting for #2needle (DS) I can be surfing the web using the privacy of my own phone.    I still have alot to learn, as this thing does everything, but my learning curve is coming along nicely.  I’m surprizing myself at how easy I’m learning to use it.


Gota run,       the lawn needs mowing…..I still have to use the same old technology to run the mower…….I wish my BB could mow.


later………….Mrs. Needle

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2 Responses to Technology week!!!

  1. Jan says:

    Oh my!! It is pretty!! I still like not being able to be found some days LOL

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