MEME Award

I’ve been tagged by Jan for a MEME!!!!

 the Premio MEME Blog Award

1. list 7 personality traits

2. tag/award 7 blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.    Please don’t get bored reading my traits.


1)    Loyality……   I’m a friend for life who will bend over backwards to keep you happy.


2)    Fun…..I find fun in everything I do, even a night home with the family watching TV….Home is my favorite place to be surronded by those I love and who love me.  


3)  Love….My favorite emotion,   the love I have for my DH, children, God and family.    Being in love is the rock in my life that makes me feel whole and worthy.


4)  Patience….I can wait forever with anything.


5)  Calm…… I always keep calm no matter what the situation, good or bad, I always try to keep level headed about any event going on in my life


6)   Simple……..I find enjoyment in the simple things in life……watching the wildlife, taking a walk in the snow,  eating apple pie………


7)    Workaholic……..I grew up working every minute (a trait my mother thought we all needed) and I have kept up that all my life.   My DH says I should just sit and chill out once in a while but I have a hard time sitting with idle hands.


See…. I”m boring….but the flip side of this boring life is I have no stress,  I do what I like and like what I do…..some might call that boring……but I love it!!


Now I have to find others to tag, coming up with 7 who haven’t already been tagged will be tough…….keep posted for my list.


later…………..Mrs. Needle

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One Response to MEME Award

  1. Jan says:

    What I find interesting about this meme is the fact that those who tag each other have really similar personality traits…. kind of does reinforce that birds of a feather or you attract what you put out or however you want to put it 🙂 Thanks for playing!!

    Jan, Its really amazing how much alike we all are. I think its natural to seek out those who you have things in common with, we understand each other when going thru life’s issues. I enjoyed playing. Karen

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