Living in the country I get to see an over abundance of wildlife…….I enjoy watching the wildlife……some just pass thru on there way to some where else, but I enjoy them for the stay they have in our area.    Today the pelicans arrived, yesterday there was just one and today there was 7………so I bet tomm…….the flock will be huge……..just passing thru on there way elsewhere.













We’re finally farming.


We’re only about 3-4 weeks behind where we normally……all the rains this Spring have left us very, very wet.    Some fields are slowly drying out and we are praying the rains stay away for about 3 weeks.  Having a profession that depends upon the weather can be stressful……but we put our trust in God that he will take care of us.



later………….Mrs. Needle

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2 Responses to Pelicans

  1. Jan says:

    I thought pelicans were ocean fish…. back to school for me!! That’s just cool!! 🙂

    Wow, Jan………I’m not sure, every Spring there is a batch that comes thru here….I’m not sure where they go from here. Karen

  2. Lori says:

    I’ll admit it, your blog has me confused. I can’t find a comment section where I want to leave a comment! Farming, we are a bit too wet too, another day or so we could work on the next field. This afternoon we should be able to plant, but fear we’ll just be making mud clods if we continue to work the next field up. More studying of the weather reports!

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